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Final Draft Software?

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Heidi Haaland
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Final Draft Software?

New user here (as of today), so I apologize for the rookie question: There are references elsewhere on the site about using your "favorite software" and a search didn't turn up any topics on one that I use frequently, i.e. Final Draft. This past fall FD released an app for ipads/pods only, so too bad for anyone who bought a windows 8 last week Wink Anyway, is it possible download a copy of the software (or any software, for that matter) into portableapps and if so, how? I don't want to eff anything up. Again, I apologize if the instructions are someplace obvious, which wouldn't surprise me. Although I haven't had a chance to experiment with the portability, this is an inspiring undertaking and I will definitely donate.

Ken Herbert
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You can add apps not in

You can add apps not in PortableApps format to the Platform using these instructions.

Please note that this doesn't make the app portable in any way and not every app will function (correctly or at all) from removable media, it just allows you to run it from the PortableApps Platform.

If you are looking for how to actually make an app portable, you can post a request in the forums (we only portabilize open source or freeware apps), or you can find documentation and forum posts on how to do it yourself around the place, although it does require some technical knowledge.

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