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having trouble running ptb

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having trouble running ptb

After decompressing the download, I click on PortableThunderbird.exe and get message Thunderbird.exe was not found. Check your configuration.

Do I need to modify something or did I miss something?

John T. Haller
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You probably

extracted it without keeping the folders intact. You just need to unzip and run. That error message will only appear if you unzipped without keeping the folder structure or moved something.

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Not necessarily!

I have the same problem when I extract to a SAMBA share. It used to work fine a few weeks ago, but today one of my colleagues told me that his copy of ThunderbirdPortable complains about a missing thunderbird.exe

The only change in the file-system during the last weeks I can remember is the conversion of all filenames to utf-8 (convmv --notest -f iso-8859-1 -t utf-8 -r /sharename). Could this be the reason ???

Reinstallation did not work - a change of permissions to 777 did not work either. Is there anything else to keep in mind when you install portable apps to a network share?

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