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Adobe release CS2 Standard for free

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Ken Herbert
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Adobe release CS2 Standard for free

For anyone interested, Adobe have just released Creative Suite 2 Standard (and its separate components) for free, available here.

EDIT: Link removed. Adobe screwed up and still haven't rectified their problem (or at least put a notice on the page stating that the CS2 files are only for those who already own a licence to use them), but lets not open ourselves up to the potential illegality involved.

Aluísio A. S. G.
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Not exactly

It's just for already existing consumers.
I'm think I'm going to get a copy, just in case the world ends… :evil:

Now let's make sure the spam filter allows me to post this, uh?

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It is unfortunately not being

It is unfortunately not being released for free, but rather providing a reinstall route for existing users.

Adobe are shutting down the services which would handle the licensing of those products, which would have then prevented the re-installation of them when they would be unable to confirm the legibility of their license.

So instead adobe are releasing a version without that check, but instead of being limited only to those who have a valid license already on their adobe account it was accessible to anyone, account or not.

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