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Feature Request -- Don't Waste Our Time with This Odd Behaviour... ;)

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Feature Request -- Don't Waste Our Time with This Odd Behaviour... ;)

I think this is a feature modification or, arguably, a bug report, really.

When attempting the download of a bunch of apps, one of which throws an error, the downloader stops and awaits input. There's only one form of input that's possible, which is the inevitable acceptance of failure of that attempt to download that app.

Is it necessary to await this perfunctory input before proceeding? I think a lot of people might, like me, want to specify the apps to download, go (especially if they're on a slow-ish like, like me) for dinner and come back to find most of the apps have arrived.

In my case, I've found that the second app didn't wanna be downloaded so, all the time I was happily thinking my apps were coming out to play, nothing at all was happening. This caused a delay of two hours that then meant a job I was trying to get done for a deadline didn't happen. Boo hoo.

Please may we have a downloader that just flags a failure but doesn't stop? Everything else is great, btw.


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All in favor?

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This would be preferred behavior, I agree.

My posts are old and likely no longer relevant.

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