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Wise 365 Cleaner

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Wise 365 Cleaner

PA.c already has the disk cleaner, registry cleaner, and data recovery, but you can do all that and a lot more with 365 Cleaner so I think it would be much easier and more efficient to have the 365 cleaner portable.

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I fully agree with the proposition to include Wiwe 365

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1 problem

there are 2 versions of that software

a free version that doesn't do privacy cleaning very well

and a paid version that is able to use all of the usable features

if no one is worried that they would have to get a separate program for privacy cleaning than this would be a awesome addition along with the other wise products NOT to replace them

i will see if i can make a portable version of my own and will not post link here only progress because it would take a while to get it in the right format

of course a dev would have to take on the project

it isn't rigoursly updated alot so maybe winterblood or darksabre may want to see but they may not want to

we will see tho

i'm not wierd, i'm just different

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