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3D Studio or Maya

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3D Studio or Maya

I'm looking for a portable Maya or 3D Studio...

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Let me help you... yourself.

1. Read
2. To be even considered programs must be open source and free.
3. Post a link to the program you are considering.
4. Post requested apps in the Requested Apps section.

BTW - Didn't look hard for it, but both programs don't seem to be anywhere near free or open source.

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Give Blender a go instead

You can get Alias Maya 7 Personal Learning Edition free from Autodesk (they bought Alias in December last year I think), but you cannot modify it etc. The next best thing is to use Blender. The CVS releases are very interesting with what they are trying to get ready for Blender 2.5.

You can get Blender Portable 2.42a here or from my site.

The CVS builds can be obtained from here


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