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TOR Chat Portable (Secure Chatclient)

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TOR Chat Portable (Secure Chatclient)

i would do it myself if i would know how, but i cant, maybe someone here can do it.

TORChat is a lightwight "portable" Chatclient that is using the TOR stealth Network and dosent need any installation.


The PROBLEM right now is that the client when you start it extracts Files into the "TEMP" Directory of Windows, so its not 100% portable. Would it be possible to make it like many portable apps to use only the folder from where its started?

thanks in advance!

There was one entry of this back in 2012 but without any comments, so i made this one with a bit more information.

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Try this

If you're willing to give it a shot, the following code in launcher.ini SHOULD redirect TEMP to a folder within Data:


If that doesn't work, try something like:


If neither of these work, or you want someone else to still try it, just respond, and I'll see if I can give it a shot.

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