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QuteCcom call error- can't place a call

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QuteCcom call error- can't place a call

I am running AsteriskWin32 server on Windows 7 which come with WillVoice PBX MANAGER Free Edition.

I am trying to configure QuteCom Portable Softphone. It logs in , but It shows an QuteCom error massage saying 'can't place a call, not connected.

For the SIP Domain/Realm I am using the local IP address of my computer.
Same IP on the advanced and for the port is 5060

I want to make calls to another PC. I DO NOT WANT TO SIGN TO A SERVICE PROVIDER.

I am new to this



Gord Caswell
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Wrong place to ask

We only repackage the software, we don't develop it. That is a question that would be better asked on the QuteCom irc channel or the QuteCom mailing list as it is not portable-related, but rather an issue with the base software.

With that said, try this suggestion. I found it with a quick search for "asterisk" on the base app's site:

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