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Juice Portable 2.2.1 - Apparent issue with long file names?

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Juice Portable 2.2.1 - Apparent issue with long file names?

Hey there, love the Juice app. Recently migrated from the Windows XP version of Juice to Juice portable for my Win7 laptop. Having the following issue -

When I subscribe to a feed and download the individual podcasts, any of the feeds that have a short filename download without issue, and any of the feeds that have a longer filename (over about 32 characters) show downloading 0.0% 0kb and just stop there. This is my first post here so I'm not sure if I can post images, but I could take a SS of the interface showing the issue if that would help.

The installer stuck the program in the \Downloads\ folder for some reason that I am unclear about, so if that could possibly be related to the issue I can attempt a reinstall.

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Full Install Path

What's the full install path to your JuicePortable install and how many characters is it? It could be an issue with the total path being too long. Especially if you buried it somewhere in My Documents or Desktop.

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There are various software's

There are various software's available online for this issue you can give them a try , like Long Path Tool etc.

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