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Reducing the size of LibreOffice

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Reducing the size of LibreOffice

Just created a batch file for reducing the size and number of files of LibreOffice (basically it removes unnecessary locale files and some rarely used components).

The batch reduces the file size from 220 to 134mb and file number from 6888 to 2051.

It works for me on LO 3.6.5 and 4.0.2. Except for some files under \Data\settings\user\config, it does not alter any files under \Data.

Some relatively important files that the full version deletes:

- Some files under \Data\settings\user\config
- All launchers except LibreOfficePortable.exe
- All files under App\Java and App\Fonts
- All default wizards and template
- All default extensions except Dict-En

How to use:

1. Place it in the same folder as LibreOfficePortable.exe
2. Edit the batch file with NotePad
3. Replace "en-GB" with the language code you want
4. Save and run the batch


LO 4.0.2 Diet (locale only)

LO 4.0.2 Diet

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Thanks, I was just about to

Thanks, I was just about to extend the scope of my existing LO tidy files but thought I'd check here first.


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Breaks Math

Keep in mind that this also renders LO Math useless since it won't have the symbol font.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Uh-oh, you're right. I

Uh-oh, you're right. I didn't check Maths very carefully but it certainly messes up LO spreadsheets; basically all formulas stop working. I strongly recommend people do not use these as they are. I'll go back to my own tidying which did work.


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