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Bookmarks mapping for flash drive changes

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David McRitchie
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Bookmarks mapping for flash drive changes

Bookmarks mapping for flash drive changes
at home and for it's portability purpose away from home.

At home the range is usually somewhere between D: and H:
and away from home the range is going to be greater. In
any case it would affect all of the following:

1) home page whether my file or the help file in portablefirefox

2) location of the profile directory in a keyword shortcuts (shortcuturl=)

3) working files on c: at home or copied versions on flash
drive away from home accessed from keyword shortcuts.

4) .BAT file used to copy from home computer to the
flash drive using the same directory names and structure.

5) .BAT file used to copy the home computer profile to
to the portable device

So the question is how can I make all the above work,
without manually making major changes.

Incidentally I have over 100 bookmark references to my c: drive and I
think they would almost all be keyword shortcuts that
would be involved on a portable drive, if I carried my
files with me for reference not necessarily for updating.

John T. Haller
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First Request

Actually, in the 2.5 years I've been working on Firefox Portable, this is the first time anyone's ever asked for this functionality. I've personally never heard of someone using lots of bookmarks for local files.

So, unfortunately, I don't think there's much interest among developers (Firefox or Firefox Portable) to add it. The only similar feature I added was the ability for Firefox Portable to use a homepage on their portable drive (mainly due to the TiddlyWiki folks). If you'd like to be able to carry around a bunch of html links all portable, I'd suggest compiling them into a single .html file and using that as your homepage. The .html file can have as many relative links as you'd like.

And please don't post duplicate topics. Your other topic was basically the same as this.

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