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Not All Selected Files Getting Backed Up

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Not All Selected Files Getting Backed Up

I've selected 3 folders to backup: music(150gb), videos(200gb), and misc(100gb). I tried using 7z on ultra, and the job completed successfully, but only the music folder was backed-up/compressed, and the 7z file was 147gb. The contents of the 7z file was verified by exploring it with 7zip, and by examining the Toucan backup log.

I'm not sure what's going on here, I could sure use some help.

I should also note that the backup/compression took something like 20hrs on an i5-2500k, 8gb ram, Win7 on SSD, backing up from a 2tb hdd to a 500gb external drive.

I've saved the job in Toucan, and when I pull it up all three folders (music, movies, misc) are listed under "Files to Backup"

Any help is appreciated

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Development Hiatus

As stated on the Toucan page: "Toucan is currently on development hiatus." Known 3.1 issues and notes can be posted here:

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This is fixed in Dev Test 3

That's exactly bug #2 which got fixed in the latest Dev Test 3 - give it a try and please let me know if it fixes it for you.

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cheez whiz backup -option=Store

This is not a bug it's a feature. And best of all nothing directly related with Toucan but with insane compression you used on already compressed files.

For backup of common crap sane people use option Store, instead of "ULTRA". In real lie backup tools should usually do much graceful job than you think as adequate in your example.

I think i deserve a mega keg not just a pint. Anyway hope i helped.

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