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Usage of the IMAP protocol

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Usage of the IMAP protocol

In another thread I reported from my problems, which me encountered during the usage of the IMAP protocol. In the meantime I searched for a solution regarding the handling of the IMAP protocol. For a better overview I have decided me for the creation of this new thread.

The following short tutorial should bring a little bit more enlightenment in the darkness of the IMAP protocol.

  1. Creation of a new email account

    Immediately after the first start of Thunderbird a wizard lead you through the creation of a new email account. Please insert the appropriate data in the relevant fields "Your name:" and "Email address:". The field "Password:" you can leave empty. Finally remove the checkmark next to "Remember password". For the next steps I recommend, that you display the menu bar (rightclick at the upper border and choose the entry "Menu Bar" in the context menu). For a better understanding of the next steps let me name the new created email account as "".

  2. Subscribing and checking of the folders

    If Thunderbird now does not automatically validate your account after emails, please click on the File menu -> Get New Messages for -> Thunderbird will now show in the folder list on the left the folders, which was created. Now you should check the folder subscriptions. For this purpose click on File menu -> Subscribe... Check if you would like to subscribe more folders. If everything is OK, go to next step.

  3. Further settings for the account

    Select again the account in the folder list on the left side. After rightclick on the highlighted account you select the entry "Settings..." in the context menu. In the dialog window " Account Settings" please highlight the entry "Copies & Folders" on the left side. Activate the radio button "Other:" under the section "Place a copy in:" on the right side. Click on the down arrow next to the entry "Sent on". Then click on the entry "". Finally click on the entry "example" and choose the entry "Sent". Now click on the button "Ok" on the bottom right.