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Using PortableApps with Dropbox, Linux and Windows

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Using PortableApps with Dropbox, Linux and Windows

So I have installed PortableApps at work in my Dropbox folder. Everything works great from that end. When I get home, I use Linux & Dropbox. Some Portable Apps are telling me that the path is different and that it is not recommended for me to "move" things like this.

Will I break anything if I answer "yes" to continue with the new path?

Can I map a "fake" Z: drive in linux to avoid these "broken" paths?

Any help is appreciated.

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Path vs Drive

The issue is moving a drive around (drive letter changing) vs changing the whole path (X:\PathTo\PortableApps vs Y:\DifferentPathTo\PortableApps). All app work as the drive letter changes so you can carry them around portably on a drive. Most apps are configured to accept these path changes that accompany using something like DropBox on multiple PCs with different OSes (Windows XP vs Windows Vista+ vs Linux). Some are not yet. Some can't be as some functionality will break (example: uTorrent existing torrents will all fail). You can answer yes and try it. If you have questions about specific apps, ask em here.

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