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Portability Inquiries

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Portability Inquiries

Good day,

I have some portable applications (RedNotebook, Opera Browsers, ANotePortable, etc.) that I had download from this site. I installed them manually in my USB stick, created my own folder, then I tried verifying each of them one by one, GREAT, those apps that I had downloaded were all 100% portable, which means, all the data and settings are saved inside my USB stick, and it never leaves any trace on the host pc, whether it's my friends pc, work-pc, lobby pc, coffee-shop pc, it never leaves any trace behind the computer that is used (NO stuffs like "C:\Users\\" etc. ie: NO C:Users/AppData, NO C:Users/application-data, NO C:Users/local-data, NO C:Users/roaming-data, whatsoever). No trace behind the host pc.

Now, my question is: If I will download the Platform and use it, installed my portable apps by using it, inside it, with it, will all things still be the same? Will the portability of my apps all be just the same as what I'm experiencing now (all things will be inside my USB stick and "NO" TRACE BEHIND THE HOST PC)?

I just hope you can interpret what I really mean.


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Yes but

Yes. The apps work in the same fashion no matter if they are used with or without the platform. The only exception is that the platform can change the app language for you and updating is easier.

But the "no traces" part is not entirely correct. It leaves traces in the registry but there is nothing we can do about it as for example windows creates entries for every app run. But it doesnt leave any personal data on the PC. As some describe it: The apps are portable but not stealth.

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Updating Apps

Thanks for your helpful reply Simeon.

Oh sorry, I'm not so familiar with registry stuffs, but thats what I really mean, "Data" and not "Settings etc."

- ie: Notes, Diaries, Tasks, To Do Lists, Emails.

Btw, as you were saying, updating is easier when Apps are inside the platform, right?

But I'm already using some apps way back few months ago without using the platform. So now, may I ask how can I update those apps in a way that all my data will remain intact?

For example: RedNotebook

I have lots of diaries and notes already there.


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Yes and Yes

Yes you can move your apps into the platform without losing your data. Install the Platform then move your existing app directories like RedNotebookPortable into the PortableApps directory created by the platform install. The platform will detect the app as soon as you click refresh/F5.

Updating apps in the platform just takes a couple clicks. It will detect what is outdated and download and install the update for you using the built-in updater:

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