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Creating a portable application from Visual Studio projects

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Creating a portable application from Visual Studio projects

I made a VB.NET 2008 project to create dynamically generated data entry forms for SQL Server database tables.

My question is: is there a way that PortableApps can take this project and create a portable application from it?

I want my tools to stay with me and not on the company PC I happen to be using.

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It depends

It depends, largely on what the application is tied into on the host PC.

If the program accesses the registry or filesystem outside its own directory then the PortableApps Launcher can be set up to handle these things easily enough.

If a service is used for some reason then we can't really help. The PortableApps Launcher's service handling has been disabled as it is often far too hard to clean up properly when trying to remove the service.

One last note: Being a .NET application it does have the restriction that any PC it is run on must have (at least) the .NET Framework version the app was made with. The PortableApps Launcher can't really help with that right now, but a future version will detect .NET dependencies and alert the user when the required Framework version is not present.

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