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Free Commander Portable 2014?

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The Rabbit
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Free Commander Portable 2014?

I was just now on the Free Commander website and saw that they had a PortableApps app format download for:

- FreeCommanderPortable_2014_Build_650.paf.exe -

This isn't the same as your site as it is stating
version 2009.02b

I was wondering if this is a legit download or whether I should wait for the site to be updated, if it is to be done, as this version may be a bit pre-mature.

thanks in advance for you help

John T. Haller
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Over Here

Outdated apps are reported/discussed over here:

You can find it in the future via the Development link in the site's main menu.

We're aware of it as I built that package for Marek. I've been waiting on him to reply to an email to see when he wants us to announce it.

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