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different eMail-accounts

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different eMail-accounts

Hi @ all,

I'm new in this forum and want to ask all if someone have an idea how I can administrate different eMail accounts with Thunderbird Portable.
Using my normal thunderbird I have the possibility to use the profilmanager.

Is someone who can help me?

Greetings from Germany


John T. Haller
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Accounts or Profiles

Thunderbird supports multiple accounts within a single profile (I have 12 setup) including multiple outgoing SMTP servers (one per account or a combination). Check with the Thunderbird help files for more information.

If you mean multiple profiles, then no, TBP does not support this since Profile Manager is NOT portable. But there's really no reason to have multiple profiles on a portable device aside from testing, in which case you'd have two different instances.

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