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Google Chrome: Get a portable Chrome app with an old version

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Google Chrome: Get a portable Chrome app with an old version

I am working as a web developer and we have to test against all possible versions of chrome. Due to changes in the portable Chrome, it will try to download chrome from the official google servers. This means that it is currently impossible to get a portable chrome app with an older version(e.g. chrome 23)

We tried installing multiple chrome versions side by side on the same machine, but that causes too much interference with other chrome versions, therefore we would switch all of those chrome browsers to a portable chrome app.
We searched the internet for portable chrome apps and we found most of the chrome versions between 23 and 30, but they do not correctly pass command line arguments to chrome, rendering it unusable for us.

Now here my question:
Is it possible to create a portable app with an old version of chrome with some kind of workaround(replace all the files in the chrome-bin folder with the old files, ....), or does anyone have those old versions(23-30) and is willing to upload them for me?

Thanks for helping!

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Command Line

We pass any command line you pass to GoogleChromePortable.exe to chrome.exe unaltered. The only issue is that Chrome is quirky about the command line order and what it accepts. We have to pass our own command line first for things like plugin and settings directories. If you do the same, it will fail. You can recompile the launcher if you want to alter this. The source is included.

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Sorry that was not the

Sorry that was not the question. I know that the parameters are passed on unaltered.

The problem is, that the chrome portable app downloads files from somewhere and if you are not quick enough, you can not download a chrome 23 portable for example. If you download the chrome 23 portable app and run it, the installation will fail, because the installation files are not available any more. So i searched the web and found portable versions of chrome(not from, but some other vendor) that did not pass the parameters on correctly.

My problem is, that i can not find old versions of chrome which are also able to pass on the parameters.

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Iron Portable?

Have you tried older versions of Iron Portable?

old versions

As best as I know, it's Chrome with just a few tracking/privacy things changed/turned off. Hopefully that means any parameters that work on Chrome work on Iron.

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Hi no i have not tried iron,


no i have not tried iron, because it is not chrome. It is "basically" chrome and "very similar", but it is not chrome. We can not afford to test against a program, because there MIGHT be a difference(yes this might be irrelevant in 99,9% of the cases, but we also have to make sure we cover the 0,1%)

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I would also like to have a truly portable version of chrome, and would like to choose what version I have...

Until then, you might try some more shady sources in order to get what you want. Hackers love e-hoarding stuff, so maybe some torrent site like pirate bay would have a lot of these version archived.

woops...just saw the date...

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