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EMET 4.1 - ASLR always on - generates start errors

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EMET 4.1 - ASLR always on - generates start errors

I have just installed EMET 4.1 from Microsoft and I have successfully enabled some of the advanced features.

But when I turn on ASLR 'Always on' - Portable Apps will not start properly.

I see the following error:

Application popup: PortableAppsUpdater.exe - Application Error : The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.

I can launch the GUI directly from the Portable Apps folder on the USB drive, and I can launch several apps, but many display the same error.

I have set this EMET option to 'Application Opt In' for now, but this was the only application I have encountered, so far, that has a problem with this.

Would it be possible to compile these apps with that feature enabled?

John T. Haller
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Won't Work, EMET Won't Help Much

EMET apparently breaks some toolkits we use, so the toolkits themselves (not our code) would have to be rewritten just to accommodate this relatively obscure and little-used Microsoft utility.

EMET is basically 'experimental' and will break software. It's pre-configured to turn off many of its protections for various 3rd party software since it the default profile would break them. It also doesn't offer much protection as EMET can be bypassed by malware authors anyway.

You're only going to encounter EMET used in enterprises and generally only enabled for specific high-priority legacy apps. That's really what it's designed for. EMET is not available to regular computer users. It's only available as part of Microsoft Premier Support Services.

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