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Updating Apps

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Updating Apps

When using my vista machine at home I do not have any problems with my portable app platform. When I use it at a library using Windows 7 I have trouble updating any of my apps. I get a message to update but on attempting the updates I get this error message "The download copy of [app name] is not valid and can not be installed. this could be due to an incomplete download or other network issue. Please try running the update again when complete". I just tried to update the platform on the Windows 7 machine and got the same error message. It has Sophos anti-virus, using windows firewall. Whenever I get this message, I can go home and plug it into my vista machine and update without a problem so it aint a massive problem, but it would be nice to know what might be causing it and if I can rectify the problem.
Many thanks.

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Likely Blocked

Likely what's happening is the library has a firewall preventing downloads of EXE files. So, the platform tries to download the EXE installer and the firewall sends along an error page instead. Do the downloads happen very quickly or do you see the progress meter showing X of Y MB downloaded along the way?

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