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[Fixed] Cube Portable dl-link error ?

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[Fixed] Cube Portable dl-link error ?


ok - it has been many-years since ive used/made a PA-usb-key...

yesterday i downloaded the default installer and started to select a couple of apps to try... however, before i tried anything - i decided to rt-click and select-all portable-apps (assuming itd be 9gb or so, which i think it was)...

anyways - during the ensuing many-hours of download/install/click-ok waiting, i noticed only ONE quickie-error... upon further research, i rediscovered the error, and would like to ask if theres some way to fix it ?

the error is that the games/cube server+program download-link was wrong...



i tried (in vain, hence this post) to figure out where/how this particular mistake occurred... afaict, cube is totally set with defaults in its installer-stuff... in my research, i noticed that the game was originally written in french - but im not sure if that is just a red-herring i noticed...

when i go to the homepage of the game here at PA ( and download-it-manually... it seems to use the correct link, so maybe it is some issue to do with the installer/launcher/? - idk...

in case it helps: here're the other threads which mention it specifically - and ...

truthfully, i prolly would not have even noticed it (this game) since i was rather hoping to just download the single utility-category somehow... and if it matters, im using an old win-vista (32) machine (core-2-duo, 2g ram, 150g hdd, brand-new 32g fat32 usb-key) atm... also, i have not rebooted/logged-out/removed-key/anything-unusual since my initial process of dl/install of everything... i have tried a few of the other programs (specifically the PA-launcher, NSIS, and a couple others) to see if i could understand the source/template/launcher-or-whatnot to make a better-detailed report... and i COULD exit-PA/remove-key/etc. if theres any further debugging yalld like me to try...

anyways - long babble to ask: is there anything (besides this report) that i can do to just have the Cube game update correctly from the key ? currently, when i try to add-an-app (by category) the ONLY one missing is Cube...

tia, h. Smile

btw - since i havent-yet-played-it, i cannot tell if the program-itself qualifies to be an 'outdated' one, tho i sorta doubt it... also, i have not yet tried the prolly-working cube-2 in my fiddling...

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It was indeed an error in the app database. Thanks for the heads up. It's been fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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WOW - tyvm !!!

simple app->add-new, select-missing-cube and everything is working... Smile

i havent played doom/fps-games like that since the 90s !!! what a trip...

again, tyvm - i guess all i can add is that so far everything-i-have-tried with the key/PA-system has been flawless... wow...

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