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Cube Portable

old-school first person shooter

Cube is a multiplayer and singleplayer first person shooter game. Cube is a landscape-style engine that pretends to be an indoor FPS engine using a combination of techniques. Also see Sauerbraten (Cube 2), which is still actively supported.

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ScreenshotAllows in-engine editing of geometry in full 3D (you fly around the map, point / drag stuff to select it / modify it), which can even be done simultaneously with others in multiplayer (a first!). Has simplistic but effective fine grain vertex lighting that looks like lightmapping and can do dynamic lights & shadows. Doesn't need any kind of map precompilation, even lighting is done on the fly. Has very simplistic quad-tree world structure that can do slopes (heightfields with caps) and slants, water, does decent collision detection & physics, has client/server networking that goes a long way in giving a lag-free game experience, and features a Doom/Quake-style singleplayer (2 game modes, savegames) and multiplayer (12 game modes, master server / server browser, demo recording) game with some uncompromising brutal oldskool gameplay. It is important to note that most players have moved on to Cube 2 and other mods, so the main servers may be down. You can still setup and host your own games, though.

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Cube is packaged for portable use with permission from Wouter van Oortmerssen