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Thunderbird not entirely portable?

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Thunderbird not entirely portable?

Hi all, loved the idea of a portable mail client, but checking the install and start in a sandbox that doesn't really seem to be the case, see here all the folders it created and wrote to:

Am I missing something?

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Was it installed to? Portable generally means it goes to a USB device for carrying around with you. It also means that when used it does not save things in registry and appdata and such.

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Exit, Sandboxie

Many portable apps write temporarily to the registry and local disk. Thunderbird Portable does and removes entries on exit.

If you're using Sandboxie, it has bugs that will prevent our apps from properly exiting when in a container.

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Oh I didn't realize that some

Oh I didn't realize that some portable apps still write to the registry and user file area. Is it necessary?

If Sandboxie prevents Thunderbird from exiting properly and so leaves behind a lot, doesn't that mean any interruption of a normal exit would do the same on a host system? Seems almost like a security issue? (I'm imagining using a USB stick with Thunderbird on machines other than my own)

And cookies, temp internet files? Seems weird a mail app would need to get involved with all that?

In my mind, Thunderbird (or I guess any portable app) would just work from their folder only. I have some portable apps that are like that, but I guess not possible with all?

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