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GitEye (Git desktop)

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GitEye (Git desktop)

Program: GitEye (Git desktop)
License: Freeware, [ ]

Description: " CollabNet GitEye is a desktop for Git. It works with TeamForge, CloudForge and other Git services.

GitEye combines a simple-to-use graphical Git client with central visibility into essential developer tasks such as defect tracking, Agile planning, code reviews and build services. "

Website: |

Gord Caswell
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Java, Redistribution license

GitEye looks like a great git client, however is less attractive for PA.c for two reasons:

1. It requires Java. Fortunately, this is easy to work around, however we are not yet releasing officially apps that require Java.

2. In order to redistribute, we would need to acquire a "Third-Party License agreement", which may or may not be easy - there's no mention of requirements on their website.

I am currently working on making git-cola portable, as it's a python-based app with no .Net or Java dependencies, AND it is open source, which is always a bonus.

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Yes, it does look great. I

Yes, it does look great. I came upon it from the link, [ ], on this thread, [ ]. And from all the guis available to windows, there are six to be exact, GitEye looked the best. From all the screenshots, it seems to me that it is based/developed on Eclipse. I presume using the Rich Client Platform, [ Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers ]

I have seen some applications that require Java in the Dev-Test section before, so I hope that is not an issue.
In regards to a "Third-Party License agreement", I guess it is up to CollabNet. I hope that they allow it or maybe package it themselves in the format. They have been working with the Eclipse project, plugins and conferences, so maybe it will interest them to collaborate or help another open source project.

Anyway, thank you for the quick response.

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SmartGit as Alternative

SmartGit also uses Java yet it has a Portable Configuration which means no need for Java Installed.
It also include GIT itself hence a really stand alone program.

I think it can be a great addition to the suite which lacks any Version Control tool.

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