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PStart start automatically when plugged

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Anonymous (not verified)
PStart start automatically when plugged

Sorry I didn't know what category to put it into.

I have pstart.exe installed on my usb drive and I was wondering how do we do so it starts automatically when the usb drive is put in the computer. Is it possible? If so plus explain in detail how I can do that. I also would want that without installing anything on each computer



Ric Hunter (not verified)
basicly you just have to put

basicly you just have to put an file autorun.inf on your portable device! read

for the text in your autorun.inf file. Note: This will only work if autorun has not been disabled on the target computer!

best wishes

tijo17 (not verified)
Would you do me one?

It's pstart.exe and it is the file is on the root of the usb drive.

Ric Hunter (not verified)
oh boy!

Just create a new file called autorun.inf and put the lines


in it!


tijo17 (not verified)

Thanks Ric Hunter but it doesn't work at all. I plug in my usb drive and it doesnt do a thing. It does the same like there was no autorun.inf afile in the root file. Anymore ideas?

Ric Hunter (not verified)
it works for me

I'm using autorun to asign a drive icon to my USB-stick and it works. these I can think of:

1. windows usually hides file extensions maybe your file is really named autorun.inf.txt if created with a text editor.

2. autorun is disabled for your USB-drive. Make a google search for "enable autoplay" your will find details.

3. If you have an old Windows version, autoplay for USB drives may not be supported.

good luck

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It can be done by creating Autoplay Handlers

I use autoplay handlers built into windows xp to autostart Pstart on plugin of the USB. It can be modified to autostart any program and is just a few registry entries.

Basically, you create a new autoplay option in the registry, which you then choose under the autoplay options in the drive properties window. Then you choose your new option and tell it to always use it and from that time on you only have to plug in the drive and it will autostart that program. Below is instructions on how this can be done. I have copied it from the txt file I keep them in to this post:

-------------------------------------------USB Autoplay Handler------------------------------------------------------------

*****What is USB Autoplay Handler?*****

This is a way to create a autoplay handler for USB devices within Windows XP. It allows the user to create an autoplay
option for any program residing on a USB Device or other removable drive. I have included the instructions and necessary
registry entries below. Enjoy!

*****Some Problems to Consider, Nothing to Bad though :)*****

So far I have tried this on a number of Windows XP Machines and it works everytime. However, The following needs to be

1. You do need to have Administrator rights to import the entries to the registry, but After that though it will work
without admin rights.
2. The path the executable will have to be change before you enter it into the registry on a new machine, as the drive
will change. (NOTE: If any one can find an enviromental variable to allow windows to always find the USB Drive,
it would then not need to be changed. I am still looking into it)
3. You must have Autorun enable on the PC for this to work.

Other than the above I see no other problems.

*****Instructions for changing it for any system*****

Below is the registry file you need to create. (Just copy the code in between the Start and End lines)

To make it work for your system and program, follow the below steps:

1. In the second key, change the "Action" Setting, where it says "USB Portable Apps List" to the an action name
such as "Open Firefox".
2. Change the "Provider" Entry to the manufacturer of the program, such as "Firefox Browser".
3. In the third Key, change the "PStart (ISO)" to "(ProviderEntry) ISO", Place what you put in the provider above
in place of the (ProviderEntry). Make sure you put a space and ISO after the entry.
4. In the last key place the path to the executable of the program you want to start.
5. Save the file as a .reg file, and then double click on it to import it to your registry.
6. Plug in your USB drive and then go to "My Computer > USB Drive > Properties" then goto the the "AutoPlay" properties page
click the drop down list and select "Mixed Content" you should see your new entry there.
7. Check the "Select Action to perform" circle and then choose your entry. Choose "Apply" and then "OK" to close.
8. Now log of and back on. This will reload the registry with your new changes.
9. Unplug and then replug in your USB and the program should autostart.
10. Finished!!

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Start Registry file::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




"Action"="USB Portable App List Start"

@="PStart (ISO)"





::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::End of Registry File::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

****Final Thoughts****

It is possible to change the icon of the autoplay handler by changing the "DefaultIcon" entry in the second Key. I have it
set to use the USB icon in the Shell32 file in the windows folder, as 99% change it will be on any Windows XP system. If you
want to use another Icon, then chance the entry to a path to the icon. Just make sure you change that path as you would the
path the the executable on a new machine.


Created By Deuce199
Using Windows XP Professional
Tested on Windows XP Professional Systems
December 15, 2005

Any questions just ask.


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tijo17 (not verified)

It works now, dunno what I did but it works.

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Change F:\\ to %hd% and it

Change F:\\ to %hd% and it boot from the letter drive windows assigns to it. My source is

Problem I have is that when I do that it say access denied to the drive. Can any help with this please?

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Start PStart after TrueCrypt

I've used this tutorial to encrypt my flash drive with TrueCrypt:

When I my drive it asks for my password and mounts the drive. (Z:)
Is it possible to edit the autorun file from the tutorial to start PStart (located within the
mounted drive) automatically after my flash drive was mounted?

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Here's my autorun.inf

I store all of my portable apps in a folder called "Programs"
The third line will change the default icon to the pstart icon, you can also use your own .ico file here.
#begin code

paradoxical (not verified)
See my recent positive experince wth Auto Run USB
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This worked for me
And the license is free!
Basically a usb monitering program. You still have to insert autorun.inf in root. -Jeff

gauntletguy (not verified)
[autorun] action=Run

action=Run PStart

bobert12228 (not verified)
Autorun on windows xp

There is only one way to get autorun to work on windows XP or higher without installing anything else on it. Use this format for your autorun file




And that is all! It will bring up a custom option in the default autorun box.

emmanuel d
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My autorun

action=is what it says wen it shows the screen of mixed contents
label=is the fake name of your drive things like ? are all alowed
shellexecute=is the program it runs when you click the action in the screen of mixed contents

;Pres shift to disable autorun while inserting the drive
action="load startmenu"
open=Explorer.exe /idlist,%I
label=Iriver IHP-140
;shell=the executed program on doubleclicking the drive
shell\01=1 pstart
shell\02\command=Explorer.exe /idlist,%I,Documenten
shell\03\command=Explorer.exe /idlist,%I,Downloads
shell\04\command=Explorer.exe /idlist,%I,Favorieten
shell\05=Medische info
shell\05\command=Explorer.exe /idlist,%I,Medische info
shell\06\command=Explorer.exe /idlist,%I,Programeren
shell\07\command=Explorer.exe /idlist,%I,Programma's
shell\12\command=Explorer.exe /idlist,%I

get a laptop hd in a case
it will go faster and the autorun wil work without SP2
lots of commands in the autorunare for SP2
also check the explorer commands i use to go to folders i use common

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Pstart 2.09 has this now.

If you install the latest Pstart it already has the create autorun file option.

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