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Autoruns freeware portable needs update ?

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Autoruns freeware portable needs update ?


i just did the "big" update to all the portable apps since i had not been checking them in a week or two...

overall everything seems tove downloaded/installed ok except for the autoruns portable app... after attempting it two or three times, i removed the directory and tried to fresh-install it... when that didnt work, i went to sourceforge to download the paf-file directly... no joy...

when i check the autoruns website - it shows an update as of 4-feb but the paf announcement was from jan 29th...

is anyone else having issues with the autoruns-update ? since ive never actually USED this app - it isnt critical (but now it caused me to read about it - and it seems interesting - lol)...

sorry to be so babbly - but maybe this note will help someone else if they are searching in the forums ?

anyways - thanx for all yall do to keep things up and running... i do use and enjoy using my paf-key pretty much every few weeks - if not more often during certain times of the year... Smile

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v.13.01 not 13.0

i just checked everything - and im guessing that theres a hash-check that is failing since the latest-download is 13.01 rather than 13.0... also tried the old-one (12.03) and it seemed to work just fine...

there was some internet-popup that came up (accept-license-online) when i tried the virustotal-check which was a bit of a surprise - but the program is fairly cool... thanx for including it...

in case it helps - i could post a screenshot of the "failure" im getting... basically, the unzip says something like "the downloaded copy of autoruns is not valid and cannot be installed..."

hth, h.

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New Version

There was a new version and they oddly didn't announce it, so we didn't know to update to it. Their page also still listed 13.0. I've updated to the new version.

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RE: New Version

Needs updating again. The file at sysinternals has a different checksum then what the installer is expecting.

Until then, people can just refer to this to get the correct file.

Just download and place in the same folder as the installer Smile

P.S: Just for people that want to click less, here's a direct link:
MD5 Hash: c22ecb98a43b50a2a236abd1f989913b

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