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Aquasnap 1.12.1 does not update correctly

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Aquasnap 1.12.1 does not update correctly

Trying to start Aquasnap after updating results in a popup.

Error popup -

Error type: runtime_error
Error code:127

The specified procedure could not be found

Closing popup semi-quits aqua snap.
Semi becuse while the program disappears and has non of the expected effects.
AquaSnap can only be crashed, from task manager or a restart.

Aquasnap 1.12.1
Windows 8.1
Ram 4 GB
HD 512 GB

However a fresh install works as expected without the error.

John T. Haller
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Works Fine Here

I just updated a 1.12 install that was working to 1.12.1 and it works just fine. Also on a Windows 8.1 test machine.

What's your install path? Was it running when you upgraded it? Do you gave any specific settings? Can you post your INI settings file?

I've removed the Bug tag as it's only for tracking issues that are confirmed within our code or packages. If it's a bug in the app itself, it's not for us to track or fix.

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I too

Run it on an 8.1 and did not see the issue either in a local instal or in the portable one. Are you making any changes to the default ini?

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