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PortableApps Suite

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PortableApps Suite

I was wondering if there going to be a kit/tutorial how to use the PortableApps Suite instead of the U3 operation system. (I know its possible, The question is how legal is it?)


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-Legal? Absolutely!

1. Backup!!!!!!!!!!
-You need to copy over all of your documents or portable apps to a Local PC folder or other flash drive.
-Back up profiles from all of your portable apps on the U3 menu.
>Firefox = \System\Apps\3C9F7B3F-D55C-42cd-8537-B878518B73AF\Data\profile
>Thunderbird is in a similar area (not sure of the main folder numbers)
>Look for settings import/export or backup in other U3 programs.

You are now ready to uninstall U3
WARNING! This will format your drive!! Make sure you have everything you need copied over or backed up to another device or local folder.

2. Your U3 Menu should have a settings/options button. Select that and under that menu their should be an option to uninstall the U3. If their is no option there then you will need to visit your drive manufacturers web site for the uninstall program. U3 also offers a program to do the same thing.

3. Decide which version of Portable Apps Suite you want to install.
- Instructions for installing the PAM or Suite and adding programs to it.

4. Follow directions under each App for copying the profile back over into PAM Apps.

5. Copy your documents into the appropriate folders on the drive.

Good Luck!

Don't worry. You are doing the right thing. Just make sure you BACKUP!!!

(Did I miss anything?)

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Should work fairly easily.
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Not Valid

The link is not valid. No download to gnu3izer...

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Where can you download this?

Where can you download this? It is nowhere to be found. Does it actually work, if so, how?

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Why Not Both?

I am using the PAS on my U3 Drive with the U3Launch Pad and am quite happy with them. I also have PStart since PAS does not do Directories or data files (.doc, .txt, etc).

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