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Can't Copy Port. OO.o

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Can't Copy Port. OO.o

Whenever I try and copy over the decompressed Portable OO.o folder to my USB drive (OCZ Rally 512MB, USB2.0) I get an error like the following:

//Some File Name// File too deep.

Is there some way of getting around this, or do I have the wrong FS, I think it's FAT (probably 16)?

John T. Haller
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You need

FAT32. FAT doesn't support the DIR names OO.o needs. I would assume your drive is FAT32 by default unless you reformatted it.

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boardboy (not verified)
I fixed it, I was trying to

I fixed it, I was trying to do this on my work laptop and they screwed up the permissions on WinXP (I can't even use the digital camera they gave me to use). So I rebooted using Puppy Linux and copied it over and it worked without a problem.

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