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Pros & Cons of U3 / PortableApps

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Neale Hind
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Pros & Cons of U3 / PortableApps

Comparing like to like versions (FF / OO / TB and leaving aside emotive debates between U3 lovers and haters, are there quantitative advantages / disadvantages between U3 FireFox / Open Office / TB and the PortableApps equivalents?

Tim Clark
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As a U3 Lover, I must confess that that my next versions of PAs programs will be the "standard versions". They take up less space on the flash drive and run the same. They also get updated faster, as John must first update the Standard Versions and then port them over to U3.

I love my U3 drives for reasons that having nothing to do with PAs.
So I would say if you have a U3 drive and are worried about space, use the Standard versions.

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I Loved my U3

...but once I got hooked on having my applications portable their storage limits also limited the full benefit I could get from it.

Fortunately I discovered John's site.

What I do now is use U3 memory stick to introduce people to it's benefits and when they get hooked let them switch to portable apps Wink

With the release of portable apps menu I would only use U3 when I know the people are not comfortable computer users.

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