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So, What Ever Happened To Shareaza Portable?

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So, What Ever Happened To Shareaza Portable?

John said he would post a link but never did, can someone post one so i can try it out?

John T. Haller
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This Coming Week

I've been a bit distracted by some other things in life. I should be able to post most of my back log this coming week. I'm hoping to work on the server a bit this weekend as the load has been pretty high (half a million page views a day will do that).

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I'll Be waiting...

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Half a million page views :-) a day!

What can we say, it is definitely a very much appreciated site, not to mention the great apps available here. Thanks heaps for the source for the menu, it's great, very clean too Biggrin

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This Week?

This Week was [5 weeks ago]! I am waiting to try it out! please hurry!

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I would love to get a copy when you have this completed

If possible, I would love to grab a copy of this when you get it completed. My e-mail address is bp32051[AT]

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when can i expect it?

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That would depend...

.. on how much time John has?

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Give John a break...

I am very interested in Shareaza myself which, for some reason is in question about it's licensing. It's hosted on sourceforge (an entirely open source site to my knowledge) and even declairs on the main page that it is released under the GPL...

Ryan has said he wants to have a bash at making it portable, John says it's in testing. Yes, it's nice to keep the idea alive, but now that it IS in the works, simply discuss shareaza and wait for the beta... It seems most posts seem to be "when's it coming?". Excuse the possible copyright infringement or flamewar that may follow, but have some patience.

A nice way of keeping the thread alive while not pressing the issue would be to do what I am about to:

John, you have a volunteer tester as soon as you have a beta ready.

I can be really anal about spelling sometimes...

Is there any way to take that with me? No? Give me 10 minutes... Maybe an hour...

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Portable Shareaza

Go to this thread...

Download the file and follow the instructions...It works fine...You just
have to reload your custom settings everytime as it does not retain them...

Ryan McCue
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Not licensing, copyright and trademark stuff.

And I ain't doing it, because John's got it covered. Blum
Ryan McCue.
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500.000 daily views and PortableApps is now number 7 on the
sourceforge most-downloaded list ..
time to watch out for the redmont-leeches ?

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What are "redmont-leeches"?
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I think he is reffereing 2 M$.


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