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OpenOffice Portable in another language

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OpenOffice Portable in another language

Did anybody know how to get OpenOffice Portable2
localized to your language of choice.(French for example)
What are the files to be replaced, where to be load them
and their localisation in the U3 key?

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Results of a search for you:

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And how about polish language? I'm searching the polish language pack on the Internet all the time. Unfortunately, I can't find it...


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OpenOffice Portable in another language

No one has solve what files are needed to change OpenOffice Portable user interface to another language different of english (I need latin american spanish). I'm not sure if copying your desktop version to the USB device in the same directory cause conflicts, because the desktop version is earlier than one on USB device, also it should be bigger that the portabble one (because has more functions).

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French, Polish, Spanish, Whatever...

Just read here... it is the same for every language...

Yo también uso Español Latino... Wink

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