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Additional Folders

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The World of Dan
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Additional Folders

This isn't so much a requested app - rather a suggestion.

Would it be possible for there to be additional folders added to the launch menu on the right hand side? Or maybe even edit the ones that are there?

For example, I doubt that I'm ever going to need to put any music or videos on my pen drive - but I will be putting PDF books on it, as well as work for assignments at university.

So what I'd prefer to do is remove the quick links to 'music' and 'videos', and replace them with 'books' and 'university'.

Would something like this be possible? Cheers Smile

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No/ Maybe

There wont be more than 4 folders as stated here
About renaming, I had an idea:
But using the newest (Beta)-Version of the menu, you could rename the text displayed in the menu. But instead of renaming it to another language, you rename it to "PDF" or whatever you want.

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You can do it

You can do it yourself.
Download the source files for PAM.
Download Borlands Delphi Turbo Express its free.
Change the button name and folder path in the source and recompile.
For something simple like renaming a button and changing a path its not any more difficult than using frontpage to edit a webpage.

My buttons point to custom folder path's, and the pictures button even launches irfanview instead of explorer.


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