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xpy home AWOL

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Wm ...
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xpy home AWOL

the link "Learn more about xpy..." doesn't work. (the top of the current link) seems to be a personal page.

looks like a better link but can't really be said to aid anyone wanting to learn about xpy ... still, something is better than nothing, eh? Smile

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xpy a scam?

Doesn't look like a personal page, more like a weight loss scam page.

Doesn't inspire much trust in an app that can potentially screw up windows.

John T. Haller
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Expired Domain

The author just let the old custom domain expire likely because they didn't want to keep paying for it. The link has been updated to the old Google Code repository. It has through 1.3.7. We have the binary and source for 1.3.8 hosted here.

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Windows 10 Support

It seems xpy isn't updated for Windows 10.

Would you consider replacing it with:

Are there any other alternative?

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