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Eject button?

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Eject button?

Maybe this has been addressed elsewhere, and if so I apologize ahead of time. I've looked but haven't seen it anywhere, though I may be overlooking it.

The homepage shows a screenshot of the PortableApps Menu in action, and in that picture there is an "Eject" button next to the close button at the bottom of the menu. I was wondering if this was something that was going to be implemented soon, if it is something that could be done, or what the deal is with that. I like it, and it would be awesome if it could be pressed and all of your open apps close and Windows release it as well. I've had a U3 drive that has a similar feature, and I liked it almost better, just for that feature alone.

Again, I apologize if this is something that has already been addressed, but if it hasn't then I'd like to request it.

So, if figures that as soon as I post something I'll find what I was looking for, and I did. Sorry for the inconvenience of a new post.

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Hello, I feel this would be

I feel this would be a great idea if they do not have it. Because at libraries where I live, I cannot eject the USB drive. I try to but it says "Disable by System Administrator", so a button would be nice to eject it, or at least a program to kill all processes on the thumb drive so you can pull it out "unsafely"...

- Gaming4JC
I have a 1GB Memorex Travel Drive Biggrin

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