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Using apps on both computer and flash drive

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Using apps on both computer and flash drive

I love portable apps, but I want a way to be able to use the firefox on my computer, and sync it with the firefox on my flash drive, and vice versa - with all the settings and bookmarks (cookies too, if possible) I've tried many things, but nothing works. Is there a simple way to do this?

I would also like to do it with thunderbird and the other programs.

Ryan McCue
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Try Libertà PUSS.
A new version is coming within a week or so, I'm testing with Steve.
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Steve Lamerton
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as soon as I get a response from John I'll be able to give a release date.


Steve Lamerton
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Re: Using apps on both computer and flash drive

Hi, I'm using Google Browser Sync that works very good for that task. With this addin you can add bookmarks in any Firefox that have the addin installed and the others will be updated! Try it.

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you could just use firefox portable from your flash as if it was a public computer, I am actually thinking of doing that but autocomplete doesn't work....

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