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converting standalone apps to "portable" state

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converting standalone apps to "portable" state

I've been poking around with search engines to find a solution to this, but due to the perspective of the search terms (portable and self contained), I wasn't successful in finding precisely what I am hunting.

I'd like to create a couple of portable apps out of ones that I have on my computer, Process Explorer and Spacesniffer. I could've swore I found an automated generic way to do this with some little program years ago, but I don't know what it was. Basically I want to make these two programs that are already "portable" such that they are loadable into the portableapps launcher, keep things organized and all in one place. I've seen the explanation of how to make some normal program into a portable package with the Installer, although I don't really understand it or how to modify an ini file in general. I'm computer savvy, was an MCSE years ago, figured out how to program my own graphing calculator (most basic of basic programming).... so I understand these things. I've just not done this before. And, from what I understand, that's for when you actually have all the other junk that goes along with a program, verses these two that are self contained.

There should be an easy way to make this happen, no? I just want it to show up in the launcher list. Or do I still need to create and modify a few files?

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If the programs you like to

If the programs you like to add are already portable by design, it's easy - just copy the program's folder to the PortableApps folder. The apps should be listed in the PA.c menu after a refresh or a relaunch. Superflous exe files can be hidden with a right click. Process-Explorer is already available as official PA.c release here or in the Portable Apps Directory right from the menu. That's comfortable as it gets automatic updates this way and you don't have to care for that.
The best way to start making portable apps on your own might be to examine existing apps to get an idea of the setting in the ini files (appinfo.ini has some information for the menu and launcher.ini is used by the launcher to move files/folders/registry-entries etc. around to make an app portable).

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