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FastCopy with Windows 8

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FastCopy with Windows 8

I have been looking for a good Windows file copier, and the only one that I can find on this site is FastCopy.

I have read reviews on other websites, and this software seems highly regarded. One of the negatives given however, is that it is not compatible with Windows 8.

The PortableApps page for the application ( claims the software will run on Windows 8, but the developer's website ( shows compatibility extending only to Windows 7.

I do not have Windows 8, otherwise I could check myself whether it runs on that platform.

Could someone who has run (or tried to run) this software on Windows 8 please tell me if it works.

John T. Haller
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Works on WIndows 8.1

It works on Windows 8.1. I just tested it.

Note that these utilities aren't really needed on modern Windows on modern hardware anymore.

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