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Download link for 38.1.0 on main page might be wrong?

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Download link for 38.1.0 on main page might be wrong?

The download link on that points to doesn't seem to go anywhere. I initially thought it was due to script blocking addons in my FF install so I tried it in Google Chrome which doesn't run with any addons and it behaved the same. The page never loads and a download never starts. I ended up going through the page for localized versions to download the English one successfully.

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Yeah same here. I don't think

Yeah same here.

I cannot download the latest release of the Thunderbird GPG addon/plugin.

I don't think "" is actually functioning anymore or at least at the moment.

"The website is temporarily in static offline mode.
Only a very limited set of project pages are available until the main website returns to service."

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also on project

when I go directly to the project of, I can download most, but not the latest versions. The folders are simply not there.

Tried today also with the j-portable and the gpg plugin, all the same. Sourceforge seems to search on number of mirors, but it can not be found.

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SourceForge Issues

Once again, SourceForge is having issues across their whole site. Has been since yesterday. There is no ETA on a fix. The site is in read-only mode. Downloads will sometimes work and sometimes fail.

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