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TB portable on PCs

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TB portable on PCs

Hello; I like TB Portable, currently use 24.3.0, considering upgrading to current 38.2.0. Where can I find the improvement list?

Also, I see many comments RE use of USB drives, and understand that is the main purpose of TB Portable, but I want to report it is excellent as a primary email client on PCs -- I use it on my desktop, and easily copy the folder to transfer everything to my laptop, or wherever I need it to go. I prefer POP, and like to keep of all my emails in one location under my control.

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Upgrade Today, Multiple Uses

You should really upgrade today. Email clients you should upgrade as soon as a new one is released due to security concerns. Plus, it gets worse to update an app between multiple versions over the course of months or years due to internal changes in the data and settings. Thunderbird's built in updater will work portably but will leave a couple empty folders on the local PC outside its own directory when it does. Or you can use the PA.c Platform to automatically handle it (which also moves around without issue). To find out what's changed, you'd have to look at the Thunderbird release notes for each version after 24.3.0:

Our apps work with portable drives, cloud folders, and local installs. The Platform gives you a choice between them as you install including the ability to auto-detect cloud drive installs on the local PC.

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