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Confused about OpenOffice launcher

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Confused about OpenOffice launcher

I was under the impression that the launcher would bring up a small bar with icons to click for each of the components of Open Office. Or I thought it might put a button on my system try with a right-click menu like a previous version of (non-portable) OOo did. When I double click OpenOfficePortable.exe, I get an empty app window with a normal menu bar at the top. Is this what the Open Office launcher is supposed to do? That doesn't seem much like a "launcher" to me.

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It makes OO portable, keeping its settings and stuff on the portable drive and making it work with Java on different PCs. That's why there are individual stub launchers for the individual apps as well. When you use it in conjunction with the Menu, you see the icons for Write, Calc, etc, just as you should.

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In the upper left corner, you'll find a button called "new". Click on it and you can chose whatever you want (writer, spreadsheet, etc.)

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