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Pidgin: Boss Key

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Pidgin: Boss Key

I am aware of a similar thread here: , but I am looking for a different feature for the bosskey not mentioned. I love Miranda IM. but there is a bad crash when I try to send messages to people who are offline on aim so I forced to use Gaim. The problem is, I am looking for a Boss Key that Miranda has that instead of displaying an image that covers up Gaim to hide is, upon pressing the hot-key(HK) Gaim and all gaim IM windows, start tray dock tabs, and tray icons are removed from view.and upon pressing the HK again all IM windows and such reappear.

The problem of just placing an image on the screen is I still need to be doing work while mai teachers patrol the classroom and they have a tendancy to sit right behind people to watch them work. and the second problem is just minimising everything wont work b/c the start tabs still show at the bottom of the screen. I need the start tabs and tray icons to disappear completely then reappear.

I hope someone can help. If you need a link to the Boss-key for Miranda just let me know. I am not gonna look now b/c it will take me too long to find it if someone can help without it. I'd use that one for Gaim, but it is a pluging specific to Miranda.

If any of this is confusing I will reiterate upon request.