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Which is preffered? DirectoriesMove or Enviroment

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Which is preffered? DirectoriesMove or Enviroment

I'm writing a portable app for a game, but said game stores it's data in My Games in the Documents folder. To make said app portable I've got two choices if I have read the documentation correctly:

- Use [Enviroment] in launcher.ini to set the folder like this:

- Use [DirectoriesMove] to move the folder to a subdirectory in /Data like this:

Which of these two is typically used, and why?

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It's recommended to not redirect USERPROFILE. Environment is passed between processes, so if you launch a browser from a game... for help, donations, purchases, about, forums, etc... the browser will also look there and it'll mess things up. The only apps that we have ever redirected USERPROFILE for are very simple ones where we've looked at the code and never launch anything external.

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