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PA.c Platform 12.2 and Win10 - Desktop issues

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PA.c Platform 12.2 and Win10 - Desktop issues

I have never turned on the option to "Hide Desktop Icons". However in the most recent release of PA.c 12.2 there is a weird thing happening. Upon upgrading the PA platform it seems the option was checked (by default?) and alluded my attention for sometime. I am a neat freak and don't use the desktop to any extent, however I did notice that the right-click context menu is not available. Once I tracked down the offending checkbox and removed the entry all was back in order.

It seems to me that the option to "Hide Desktop Icons" should not also eliminate the right-click context menu from the desktop. Am I missing something here that is not evident about PA.c removing the right-click context menu?

John T. Haller
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Has To

At no time has the option been turned on by default as it would confuse most users. It is possible to accidentally click it in the Advanced options screen, though, and it can be confusing when it happens.

The "Hide Desktop Icons" option actually hides the explorer.exe process running it, so it also hides the right-click menu as it's part of the desktop. The icons and right-click menu are a part of the same thing, so hiding one hides the other.

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Gord Caswell
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Possible to keep context menu?

John, I did a bit of research just now regarding this question, and it appears it may be possible to keep the context menu by drilling down to "SysListView32".
Here's a good explanation for doing so — I think it's for C++ by the look of it, but should be able to be modified for Pascal:

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