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possible to remove 64bit part?

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possible to remove 64bit part?

the recent version of FF portable does contain also 64bit version. It takes some 98Mb (!) on the USB stick for nothing.
Is it possible without problems just to delete this folder or how otherwise remove this part?

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details to do

what you ask are located on the Firefox Portable page.

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Half of Chrome

98MB is small compared to almost every other browser on here (Chrome: 150-180MB, Iron: 152MB, Opera, 124MB, Maxthon: 169MB). And none of those are 32-bit plus 64-bit together.

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where to set?

I searched, probably not well enough, where to set this AlwaysUse32Bit.
Is this is to be entered in an ini or where exactly?

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As always, copy

As always, copy FirefoxPortable.INI from \Other\Source next to FirefoxPortable.exe and edit as required.

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