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Suggestion: Specify Platform color with hex code

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Suggestion: Specify Platform color with hex code

Hey all. Long time no see. Hope the New Year has found everyone happy and healthy.

So we're coming up on 2 months after the release of Fallout 4, and I've still got a Skyrim icon on my PA Platform, and it looks great, but it's time for a change. As I've changed my Dragonborn avatar on forums that support it to the Fallout mascot (and game launcher icon), I figured I'd put it on the PA Platform, and change it from grey to blue. And it looks pretty good: (PNG, 37kb, Imgur). But it's just a little off around the icon.

Of course, it would be easier for me to just alter my icon. I'm not skilled in Photoshop (or The GIMP) but it should be a simple enough task. But I figured it would be a cool advanced feature, to just plug in a hex code and use that. So I figured I'd throw the idea out there. Of course, if I could replace the name/logo at the bottom with the Vault-Tec logo, that would be really neat. Especially since the first two Fallout games are available DRM-free from GOG (Good Old Games) and I'm pretty sure they run portably, though I've never tried it (honestly I prefer the new ones, turn-based games don't interest me much). But that might be too much.