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PuTTY: Update to 0.67

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PuTTY: Update to 0.67

PuTTY was updated to 0.67 a couple of weeks ago and had some security updates. Last time it took less than a week before the updated portable version was available so I expected something similar this time...

These features are new in beta 0.67 (released 2016-03-05):

    Security fix: a buffer overrun in the old-style SCP protocol when receiving the header of each file downloaded from the server is fixed. See vuln-pscp-sink-sscanf.
    Windows PuTTY now sets its process ACL more restrictively, in an attempt to defend against malicious other processes reading sensitive data out of its memory.
    Assorted other robustness fixes for crashes and memory leaks.
    We have started using Authenticode to sign our Windows executables and installer.
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Over Here

The outdated thread is here:

It's linked from the Development and Support sections.

Many apps don't have any sort of notification so we have no idea when they're updated until someone lets us know. I've added PuTTY and it will be updated shortly.

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Putty has a mailing list

According to, there is a "publicly subscribable mailing list which is used to announce updates to PuTTY", and looking at the archives it's been used since June 2000.


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