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Iron browser on win xp

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Iron browser on win xp

Hi there,

on win xp sp3, I updated the iron browser via the PortableApps platform.
Now it does not work anymore, as stated on the web page.
This is bad.
The PortableApps platform tool knows my system and version very well.
It would have been better not to kill a working browser for a clearly unusable one.

Please guide me to the last working portable iron version for win xp,
I could not locate it on the web page.

Thank you.

John T. Haller
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Older versions of Iron are insecure and should no longer be used. Iron, like all Chrome-based browsers, no longer functions on Windows XP and is unsupported on Windows Vista.

You can get the older versions of Iron here:

Version 49 is the last release of Chrome, Iron, Chromium, etc that works on Windows XP. But you should absolutely not be using it to access websites on the internet. Version 49 has known security exploits that will allow any website you visit as well as any ad network or third party script to execute arbitrary code, take control of your machine, and steal all your files.

This was originally announced in November 2015. All users of Iron, Chrome, Chromium, Opera, etc who are still using Windows XP should switch to Firefox as it will still be regularly updated and secure for use.

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