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Qutecom Portable Ad Supported Search site

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Qutecom Portable Ad Supported Search site

Hey there, the link the "Learn more about Qutecom..." on the page, takes me to which has NO information on qutecom it is some sort of ad search site.. I don't think PA is okay with that, I KNOW I'm not...

John T. Haller
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Their Domain

That is indeed their domain so it looks like they simply let it expire and it was snatched up by a domain broker. It happens *all* the time with smaller projects.

Why on earth would you assume we were doing it on purpose?

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Sarcasm ?

Hey John. Either that was sarcasm or you mis-understood what I said big time, I've read it a few times I can't see where I insinuated I thought you guys did this or were okay with it, In fact I said I don't think you guys are okay with it. I believe I read somewhere you guys want nothing to do with stuff like this or advertising etc. You know I have been using PA for a long time, I promote it to EVERYONE I know. Family, Friends, Acquaintances, and my online "friends" and many gamers. Love you and the site. I didn't mean for it to sound any other way.

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I think what John wants tell you, here simplified:

The Address is correct and it is the correct address of the qutecom. However they (the cutecom people, not Portable Apps) forget to pay the bill for that address and therefore the address was taken over by a commercial company to try to sell it to someone else.
They may also pay the bill, then, depending if the domain is still free, the original page may come back.

So it has nothing to do with portable apps, it has to do with the owner of the domain.

Happened to me too. Have set up some domain, did not pay for at some time, it went back to free market. I noticed this later and was kind of lucky, they did sell it to me again.
So such diverting can take hours, days, months, or for ever.

This is normal business procedure.

BTW: at the bottom, in small fonts, it says the domain 'is parked' at he sedo company. It is possible that the owner is trying to get money for the bill with this service temporary.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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